Uncut Stones




"It is awesome when you find Christian musicians who are able to captivate both Christian and non-Christian audiences when they play. Uncut Stones is one of those bands! ..." 
-Sean Brennan, Director of TCT Network 

 Beautiful Mystery Lyric Video


Join Uncut Stones as they close out the night at ROCK The ARK in Lancaster N.Y. on June 15th!

Click the poster to Purchase tickets for the BBQ Dinner. Only $12 each. The event is free!




Remember when songs had guitar solos?

Meet Uncut Stones, they are a young band with an old soul. While holding on to their rock roots, you feel that same passion for music as the bands you grew up with. They take you back to a place when having a good time with your friends was all you did. The energy from the stage draws you into their show, and you can feel it in the air. It's like riding down a country road with the top down and your hair blowing in the wind. 

The band is from Buffalo WNY area with a progressive rock sound. If you could put Lincoln Brewster and Gungor in a blender and add a little hard rock and gospel soul for flavor, you would have Uncut Stones. Their first full length CD "We Will Rise Up" is available now. It features Will McFarlane who is known for playing rhythm guitar for Bonnie Raitt, and he has shared the stage with many of blues guitar greats including B.B.King.